What size and format should the photos be?

Your modeling photos must be a high quality JPG image file. Non-professional and lower quality photos will NOT be accepted. Photos should be a minimum of 600 pixels wide or tall, whichever is greater. If you are unsure how to correctly resize the image to keep the best quality, you can send us larger photos and we will resize them for you. We make the final determination on quality standards of photos. We reserve the right to edit, accept, remove, or deny any photo or account for any reason, or no reason at all.

What are the photo requirements?

All photos MUST include your face. You may NOT add text to your photos. Do NOT add special effects or fancy boarders to your photos. We may edit, accept, remove, or deny any photo for any reason.

Can I take my own photos, or do they have to be professionally done?

Have your photos professional taken. We may accept some non-professional pictures at our discretion, but this is not the general rule. We will deny any low quality pictures at our discretion.

Do you allow nudity?

We do allow full nudity. However, it must be artful and classy. We reserve the right to modify or deny any photo we believe is too inappropriate.

How do I get contacted about my portfolio?

We will receive the contacts for you to help eliminate junk mail, spam, and rude emails. We will forward any proper requests to you. If you have an agent or representation you may include their contact information on your portfolio. You may have your personal contact information on your portfolio page at your own risk, but it is not recommended.

Please have your spam blocker set to receive any email from us. Add us to your contacts list on your spam filter if you use one.

Please send us your phone or fax number as a backup, just in case our email gets blocked and bounced back. Note: Not all spam filters bounce back and we may be unaware that you did not receive your email. We can not guarantee email for this reason. If your spam filter blocks mail from us and does not bounce it back, we have no way of knowing you did not recieve it. We are not responsible for blocked and lost emails for this reason. Make sure to add us to your accepted email list.

Can I link to this site?

Yes, you may link to your portfolio page, as long as it does not include any negative comments or information about or against this web site. We may ask you to remove the link for any reason or no reaon at all.

Can I link to my photos on Modeling, to use them on other sites?

No, this is called hot linking, and is not allowed. Example: You may not link a photo from this site to a photo rating site. Anyone hot linking will have their account removed immediately.

Can I email people the link to my portfolio page?

Yes and No. If it is a friend or businesses partner that expects email from you then you may. Sending it to anyone other than that would be considered spam email. You will be removed immediately from Modeling if you send spam.

What can I put in my biography?

Try to stay on the modeling topic. Please include your full name, location, past work, your modeling preferences, and your measurements. Fill out the submission form completely as you are comfortable with. We may edit, remove, or deny any biography for any reason.

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